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Friday, 19 August 2011

I'm still here...

I know I have been a little absent over the past few weeks, but I am still here. So here's a little catch up with what I have been up to.

Don't you love winter for its citrus? These are the lemons I harvested from our tree last week. The tree is still not empty, I just ran out of room in the basket! I will juice most of these to freeze so we can have lemony goodness year round.

This is us slug hunting! We have a gazillion slugs out at night in the garden, eating all our (not so) hard work, so occasionally we like to go slug hunting. The bottom shot is the results of our 15 minute hunt, we save them until morning and feed them to the chickens! The girls (chickens that is) love them and gobble them all down in about 30 seconds.

We have also had a pretty mild winter this year (can you tell from Miss 12's sleeveless pj top???). Only two weeks until spring! I get a little lazy in the garden during winter, but I have all sorts of plans for when we return from our trip, there seems little point in starting it all now when we will be away for three weeks when all the action starts. So now I am just in the planning stage. I would really like to work at getting an ongoing plan for the vege patch, I usually plant a heap of stuff, wait for what seems like forever and then, bam!, everything is ready and gone at the same time. I need to organise a routine for ongoing plantings. I also like the idea of planting stuff together and filling all the gaps instead of rows of one particular plant and then on to the next one.
Book Cover:  Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting

I am currently having a read of this book, I have had it on the shelves for a few months but am now going through it and getting some help from it. It is a fantastic book!
Book Cover: The Permaculture Home Garden

I am also, one day, going to get my hands on a copy of this book, I borrowed it from my local library a while ago and it was also a fantastic book.


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